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Polymer Clay Transfer Paper – Romantic 01

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Size: 14 x 14 cm

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It’s important to us that you know what you’re getting into, so here’s some crucial information about our waterless transfer papers that you certainly don’t want to miss:

This is a one-time use product, but if you are happy with fainter color results, it can be used again.
The resulting clay pieces do not have to be but it is recommended to seal them. If you sell it and want it to be foolproof, you can use UV resin or your favorite varnish.
A very long cooking time makes the colors fainter.
The most accurate color results will be produced if you use Cernit Number One white polymer clay. The image transfer in Sculpey will have a slightly different color tone, but will be just as beautiful!
How to use our transfer papers? It is very simple:

It is recommended to cut out a small corner and test it first on a small piece of clay before proceeding to use the entire paper.

Use it on white or light-colored clay for best results. In my opinion, Cernit Number One White works best. For use with Sculpey Premo and Souffle, see *text below.

Cut out a piece of transfer paper and place the printed image face down on the prepared slab.
Tap the paper with your fingers, making sure all the paper is in contact with your polymer clay.
Leave the paper on the clay for 60 minutes and go do something fun 🙂 You can then remove the transfer paper. The paper will be sticky, and can be discarded. If you think you will be happy with less saturated and lighter results, you can apply it to another clay slab immediately.
Once the image has been transferred, be careful not to touch the surface, as the ink may continue to smear at this stage.
Cut and fire the clay as usual. But don’t touch the surface.
* If you use your transfer paper on Sculpey Premo or Souffle, it is recommended to make the surface sticky with a very thin layer of translucent liquid Sculpey. The less you use, the better, but be sure to cover the entire surface. Liquid Sculpey is very easy to work with as it is quite thin and does not make the process very difficult.

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