Moiko Silk Screen Set Quadruple 47

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Moiko Silk Screen size A7 (74 x 105mm, 2.9 x 4.1 in)

Double silkscreen screen of the Moiko brand designed mainly to work in polymer clay.

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Moiko Silk Screen size A7 (74 x 105mm, 2.9 x 4.1 in)

Moiko’s quadruple screen printing screen designed mainly for working in polymer clay.

How are they used?

Prepare a sheet of polymer clay and place the first screen with the shiny part facing the clay, you can fix it gently with the roller or by hand without obstructing the small perforations. Then put a little acrylic paint on one of the ends (for this type of screen a dense paint is recommended) and with the help of a card or some similar tool, spread the paint all over the screen so that the drawing looks good covered. Quickly remove the screen (to prevent the paint from drying) and wash it gently with cold water (do not fold or wrinkle to avoid marks), let it dry before using it again.

Once dry, place the second screen matching the drawings and repeat the process using another color of paint.

Repeat the process with the third and fourth screens.



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