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Water Soluble Transfer Paper – T165

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The order is for one transfer sheet, which measures 8.6 x 13.5 cm (3.4″ x 5.3″) and can be used once.
  1. Condition the polymer clay and spread it on a ceramic tile or a surface to which the clay will adhere and can be baked.
  2. Place a cut-out piece that you want to work with bright colored side down on the clay surface.
  3. Smooth gently the film with the fingers to remove the bubbles from air bubbles. We like to leave the sheet on the polymer clay for 15 minutes before removing the protective paper.
  4. The recommended method for dissolving the paper backing: hold the entire plate still on the tile (or other firing surface) under a stream of water at very low pressure. The paper paper will start a dissolve y disappear. Don’t worry if there is any paper residue left on the clay at this stage, as it is safer to wash it off after baking.
  5. Let dry. Cut y bake the clay about the tile, for no have that touch the print, now that could stain. By alleged, the clay to you can remove with a scarf from paper y place it about another surface.
  6. A This time that the parts baked to have cooling, the lint from paper remaining to can remove under the faucet.

Sealing: Although no he had no problem at opt by no seal the image for use staff, I continue recommending seal it with the sealant from your election for example resin UV for guarantee the longevity of the image.



Stickers look best on white or light surfaces.
If you haven’t removed all the paper before baking, don’t worry! You can easily remove it after baking. Simply hold the piece under a stream of water and gently remove the paper residue with your fingers.
Bake the polymer clay following the instructions on the package after applying the image.
Instructions are included with the order.

These beautiful handcrafted products are made by Veronika of Vero Silkscreens.

Texts by my colleague Klaudia of Clay Art Depot USA



Vero Studio Silkscreens

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