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We associate life in towns with tranquility as opposed to the hustle and bustle of cities that, like a greedy merchant, have monopolized most of the population with the siren song of modernity. But that hustle and bustle has a cost and it is not surprising to look back with nostalgia for the memories of other times. And in the towns, what memories will be treasured by the stones of those centuries-old houses, undaunted guardians of past lives, which now crumble with no one to save, with the inexorable passage of time that ends up turning the present into the past and the past into oblivion . This Memories course is a small tribute to the towns and their stones, a return to the origins where, at least in memory, everything seemed simpler.

In this course we will leave behind the precision of the most modern tools, we will forget the most contemporary designs and we will set aside the most cutting-edge techniques. We will recover basic tools, we will go back to working with our hands and playing with different materials as naturally as we did when we were children.

We will make a functional decorative element whose components we will be able to adapt, varying only its scale and composition, to jewelry. We will learn ways of working with clay that we can then apply to other types of work that we usually do.

We will do a work of handmade clay textures with basic tools to reproduce the randomness that the wear of time gives to the materials. We will play with the volumes to give depth to the elements, and we will accentuate that depth with the help of texturing and the use of color.

We will optimize the firings trying to reduce them to the essential minimum, using other methods to harden certain elements and preserve the work done while we work other parts raw.

On this occasion, much of the color work of our composition will be done with acrylic paints. We will introduce brush application techniques, paint preservation, color mixing, inking, lighting, aging… And above all, we will return to that bubble in which we isolated ourselves as children while holding a brush, concentrating only on seeing the paint flow.

We will make different independent elements where we will apply simple techniques to simplify scale reproduction, losing as little detail as possible.

In short, it will be a course in which we will enjoy working with clay, modeling with tools and playing with brushes.

In order to approach this project from different points of view, we will also have the collaboration of Alex Hernández, who will contribute his modeling and handling of brushes to this project to provide it with more facets than it would have had if it had come only from one author.

The course contains 173 pages and more than 450 photographs and texts.



English, Spanish


Noelia Contreras

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